Bespoke financing solutions in complex markets

Our services

We are a leading debt advisory business, specialising in the provision of advice and solutions in relation to the raising, refinancing or amendment of any type of bank or institutional debt finance. We draw on the partners’ 100+ years of experience in the financing of businesses and transactions in preparing the business for the financing process, evaluating the range of possible solutions and negotiating the most appropriate structure.

Our breadth of experience enables us to deal effectively with ever more complex client requirements and an increasingly diverse range of potential financing sources.


  • Preparation and due diligence for debut borrowers
  • Strategic direction in complex and compressed auction situations
  • Dealing with multi-layer capital structure solutions
  • Addressing specific business requirements


  • Syndicated bank lending
  • Public and private high yield bonds
  • Private, direct institutional loans
  • Bespoke junior capital


  • Core focus on financing solutions
  • Established, enduring client relationships
  • Importance of value creation
  • Operating as an extension of our client’s own resources